We Can Be Anything Book 2019 Special Edition Teacher’s & Parents Mug

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Welcome to a multicultural experience that shows children that they can be anything no matter their gender or race!
And This Special Edition 2020  Teacher’s & Parent’s Mug is just the right reminder (around the classroom) for a newly Inspired, empowered and motivated generation that will be ready to take the place of today’s doctors, engineers, lawyers, scientist writers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Help start them on their way with this uniquely inspiring symbol for change and Kick Start a new direction for today’s young people


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Welcome to a multicultural experience that shows children
they can be anything no matter their gender or race!

Our book along with our special edition 2019 Books, e-Books/ePubs, T-Shirt and Mug are representative of a multicultural paradigm shift in learning and instills by "Inception" ideas to embrace and be guided by . This is especially important at a time in our country's history where everyone is divided along racial, political and cultural lines and, children need books and other symbols & ideas that brings everyone together.

In our books along with our T-Shirt and Mug as everyday reminders, children can see not only themselves, but all of their friends and classmates as positive images of what is normal. Both the book and T-Shirt, show that children of any gender or skin color are capable of doing all kinds different jobs and choosing all kinds of career paths as long as they work hard and remain determined. In addition, the last page of our book in particular is designed for children to color themselves the same as all of the occupations in the book and T-Shirt offers a great reminder of the inspiration provided by the book. The main goals of our Books, T-Shirt and mug (and soon) mouse pads and puzzles is to inspire all children to reach for their dreams and aspirations and not feel that either are out of reach for anyone including themselves!

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