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Our book is a multicultural children’s book. It is special because it’s an everyone empowerment book. At a time in our country where everyone is so divided along racial, political and cultural lines, children need to see a book that brings everyone together. In our book, children can see not only themselves, but all  of their friends and classmates as well. Our book shows that children of any gender or any skin color are capable of doing all different kinds of jobs as long as they work hard. Also, the last page of our book is designed for children to color themselves as all of the occupations in the book. The main goal of our book is to inspire all children to reach for their dream jobs and aspirations and not feel that they are out of reach.

What People are Saying

“As a retired teacher of over 36 years of elementary education in the Groton, Ct. school system I can say that this is great book for children and adults. I am one of a few people that had the pleasure of a sneak preview of this book and it is both educational and entertaining.” -Marcia Sadler

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