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Kickstarter Ends Successfully September 26th 2019 With over 200 books being donated to schools, hospitals, and libraries
We Can Be Anything Too! Volume 2 Release date June 1st, now available for purchase in paperback and epub
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Our books are multicultural occupational children’s books. They are special because they empower everyone. At a time in our country where everyone is so divided along racial, political and cultural lines, children need to see books that brings everyone together. In our books, children can see not only themselves, but all of their friends and classmates as well. Our books teach that children of any gender or any skin color are capable of doing many different kinds of jobs as long as they work hard and are focused while in school. In addition, the last pages of our books are designed for children to color themselves as all of the occupations in the books. Our mission is to inspire all children to reach for their dream jobs and aspirations that bring the greatest sense of pride and accomplishment without feeling that they are out of reach.

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Bryanna Kaye

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